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Training Offered by LDI

LDI offers residential and commercial leak detection certification, training as well as industry related services.

Leak Detection Training
As we’ve stated before, there really is no way to train to find hidden water leaks except for performing the leak detection services yourself. Unless you work for a leak detection company, or know someone who performs water leak detection services, there really isn’t a good way to learn how to perform leak detections. We have built a state of the art leak detection training facility at our company headquarters in Tampa Florida.

State of The Art Leak Detection Training Facility
We have constructed a facility in Tampa in order to train current or prospective leak detection professionals on our proprietary water leak detection process. We have created hidden leaks in our facility and during our intense training program, we give actual hands on leak detection experiences. We have mapped out all of our leaks and have constructed the facility with difficulty in mind. This will make the experience of performing leak detection services out in the field much easier. We have several different classes for both the novice and we offer advanced classes for previously trained professionals.

What We Cover In our Leak Detection Training Classes
All of our classes include the basics of underground plumbing as well as types of pipe used during various years. Depending on what year the house or property was built will usually determine what type of pipe was installed. We have different pieces of equipment to find leaks on different types of pipe. The most common pipe we find water leaks on is copper pipe. Copper pipe was used throughout the country in the 70’s, 80’s 90’s and some plumbing contractors are still using it today. With the abundance of copper pipe in the US, leak detection will be a necessary service for decades to come. We focus on copper pipe leak detection during our training class but also cover galvanized pipe, cpvc pipe and whip pipe also known as plybutelene.

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